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Needy and Merit Scholarships

Needy and Merit based Scholarships, PUGC

Please Collect your Cheque from July 15, 2019 (Monday) from Account Office.

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Dr. Sayyid Salman Rizavi

Professor/ Director General University of the Punjab Gujranwala Camus

  • +92 (0)55 9201221
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Dr. Shahid Manzoor

Incharge/Coordinator BS (CS) Degree Program/Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology

Dr. Shahid is working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Technology. Previously...

  • +92 (0) 55 9201366
  • website

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Mr. Muhammad Hassan Zia

Incharge/Assistant Professor in Department of Law

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Dr. Naveed Iqbal Chaudhry

Incharge/Assistant Professor in Department of Business Administration

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Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Imran Akram

Incharge/Assistant Professor in Department of Commerce

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Mr. Abdul Latif

Additional Registrar

  • +92 (0) 55 92 01 22 7

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